Why Should You Only Consume Organic Products?

Why Should You Only Consume Organic ProductsChoosing between organic and inorganic products is definitely a no-brainer. Of course, organic products are better for you because nobody wants chemicals in the products they use every day, right?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to go organic. First of all, certified organic products are beneficial not only to your body and health but also to the environment. Because organic products use ingredients that are also organically produced, this means that the materials aren’t exposed to pesticides and artificial fertilizers and that there is a lesser amount of pollutants released in the air. More reasons to steer clear of inorganic products are:

Reason 1: Your skin absorbs things easily.

We all know that our skin is the largest organ in our body and that it easily absorbs anything we apply on it – serums, creams, lotions, gel, etc. These inorganic products usually contain harmful chemicals, like paraben, that seep into our system as if we swallowed it on purpose. A research actually showed that paraben can cause hormonal imbalance when it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Reason 2: Most chemicals aren’t tested for safety.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has no authority to impose testing for safety for products in the cosmetics department. In 67 years, the FDA has only banned 9 ingredients all in all. When you switch to organic products, you won’t need to worry about these chemicals. Certified organic products are even safe for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Reason 3: Chemicals can cause birth defects, cancer, and autism.

There have been reports that proved that we are at a higher risk to develop defects, cancer, or autism is because we’re exposed to the harmful toxins from inorganic personal care and/or cosmetic products at an early age.

Reason 4: Organic products are more effective.

Organic products are more effective and safer to use simply because they are made up of ingredients that don’t mess up your body’s natural state. Some even improve and help keep your body healthy.

Reason 5: Organic products are great for all skin types.

Because organic products are made from natural ingredients, they have no harmful agents in them. They work best with all types of skin and help treat inflamed, irritated, and sensitive skin.

Do not be fooled, however, if you see a product labelled organic or natural. It isn’t enough to see a label, you have to read the ingredients to make sure that a product really is organic and hazard-free. Some products claim to be organic even though there are still chemicals mixed in with their “organic” ingredients. Other companies even label their product organic for marketing purposes even though the product has no organic ingredient whatsoever, so be very careful.

Making the switch to organic products may seem to be a lot of work at first. Just keep in mind the rewards your body will reap at the end of the day. Our body is a temple. Using organic products is the responsible way to protect and preserve your body’s health.

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