Plant-Based Pet Shampoo & Deodorizer for Dogs and Cats with Sensitive Skin

Product Info

Is your pet shampoo made with less quality ingredients that dry out your pet’s skin? It’s time to switch to a plant-based, natural one.

PupKiss Pets Complete All-In-One Pet Shampoo is derived from Palm and Coconut Oil, Oatmeal and Aloe Extract, soothing and refreshing, leaving your pet’s coat smooth, shiny and silky.

Notice how your pet will enjoy their bath. The fresh calming scent and deep rich texture soothes their skin on contact, helps them relax, and gives an all over great experience as they bathe.

Experience the healthy benefits from Pupkiss Pets Complete Care All-In-One Pet Wash. Your pet’s coat will feel incredibly smooth, silky and shiny. This shampoo will help to relieve skin irritations or flaky, dry conditions they may be troubled with. You will see, feel and smell the difference!

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Updated Price

As of this writing, it costs $17.49. For the updated price and possible discount, click here.

Consumer Reviews

As of this writing, it is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars with 147 customer reviews on Amazon. For the updated review rating and to read the feedback of customers who already tried this natural pet shampoo, click here.

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