Best Three Natural Laundry Detergents

Buying one of the best, natural, and homemade laundry detergents on the market is a great way to care for your clothes.

Tips on Choosing The Best Natural Laundry Detergent

best-three-natural-laundry-detergentsNeedless to say, having clean and bright clothing after washing them is important to anyone. Therefore, it is important to buy a high-quality, natural laundry detergent that gives consistently stellar results every time. The following are a few things to look into when trying to find the perfect laundry detergent for your needs:

•Combination products: some detergents have an added fabric softener component or other enhancements that come part of the product’s formula. However, this added feature is entirely dependent upon your needs. Sometimes, this feature is completely unnecessary and may end up costing more than its worth, and other times it may be an extremely convenient way of getting multiple things done simultaneously.

•Pricing: it may be tempting to buy the most costly product when buying detergent in hopes of getting the best quality product. However, this isn’t always the case. There are many detergents on the market that are reasonably priced and even flat out inexpensive, yet they work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. However, what does matter is the ingredients put into the detergent.

•Ingredients: certain ingredients will raise the price a bit, as better quality ingredients will perform better. However, don’t pay too much if the product is shown to not work well.

•Reviews: what better way to see if a product works well before buying it, than to check reviews from prior users? User ratings can tell a lot about the effectiveness of the product, whether it does what it says it will, and whether the price is worth the results.

•Load size: always check to ensure how many loads can be handled with a certain product.

•USDA approved: products approved by the USDA have been rigorously tested and more likely than not have safer ingredients.

3 Best-Recommended Natural Laundry Detergents on the Market

Though there are many natural detergents on the market, the following are three of the best currently.

3. Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Powder is the third best because it can handle over 70 loads and has both oxygen bleach for intense whitening power; and baking soda to help curb any nasty odors.


2. The second is Mrs Meyer’s Laundry Detergent Lemon Verbena which is loaded with all natural surfactants from plant sources. This detergent also leaves a refreshing, garden aromatic smell with each load.


1. The best out of the three is Earth Friendly Products Ecos 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent which has a built in fabric softener for convenience and utilizes all natural lavender. These also come in packs of two, ensuring long-term use before having to buy another detergent.


Needless to say, there are just so many detergents on the market to choose from. However, by doing a bit of research before shopping, you can get the best quality product that will offer spectacular results every time, while saving an enormous amount of hard-earned money and time.

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